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Introduce yourself

Tell us about yourself and provide a good example of a “grassroots leader� that have admired.

Oftentimes, online participants will find they have a lot in common with another participant. Therefore, we encourage you to sign your posting and leave your email address. Then, if someone wants to contact you, they can do so.


I graduated from the U of M last May and am currently a pharmaceutical resident in Paynesville MN. I will be working at Health Partners clinic starting in July.

A good example of a grassroots leader is a pharmacist I know who went out of his way and dropped off a prescription for a patient b/c they were unable to get to the pharmacy.

I really enjoyed both books. My only concern in out profession is that we need to be very careful about what we do to "help" people. Sometimes our efforts may be considered "enabling" and we need to be congnizant of the fact that some patients will be more than willing to encourage enabling behavior.

I recently graduated from University of Montreal, in Quebec, Canada. I completed a master in advanced pharmaceutical care in community and working in a pharmacy known to be exceptionnaly clinical.

One example of grassroots leader is a pharmacist working with me. She's a great teacher and supervise a lot of student in our pharmacy. It's her way to change our practice by influencing students before they graduates.

** Sorry for my english, it's my 2nd language so not very good at writting. **

I have an employee, Dawn, who is our resident Fred. She influences people by merely being positive and willing to do whatever it takes to make their day better. I hope you all have a Dawn or Fred.