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Case closed on the murder of Adam Walsh

The murderer of 6-year-old Adam Walsh was confirmed as Otis E. Toole at a press conference on Tuesday, The Washington Post reported. ">The New York Times reported.

Adam Walsh, the son of John Walsh, the host of "America's Most Wanted," was abducted from a shopping mall on July 27, 1981. His decapitated head was found in Vero Beach two weeks later, but his body was never found.

Toole was the main suspect in the investigation that began 27 years ago, but they did not have enough DNA proof to connect him to the murder, The Washington Post reported.

Toole twice confessed to killing Walsh, but later retracted his statements. He also confessed to dozens of murders that turned out to be not done by him.

Toole died in prison while serving five life sentences of murders other than that of Adam Walsh.