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Factory workers refuse to leave building

Workers at a window-making plant in Chicago made plans to spend the fourth night in their now closed factory on Monday, despite orders to leave by officials, The New York Times reported.

The sit-in began after250 workers at Republic Windows and Doors were told their company was being shut down without the proper 60 day notice and no promise of the pay they were owed.

Workers say they blame officials for giving them only three days notice that their factory was closing.

The company’s statement said it had been placed, “in the impossible position of not having the ability to further reduce fixed costs, coupled with severe constrictions in the capital debt markets and an unwillingness of the current debt holder to continue funding the operations.?

Workers were also angered by the fact that company officials did not show up to a meeting scheduled by Rep Luis V. Gutierrez (D-Ill.) on Friday, The Washington Post reported.

Workers taking part in the sit-in are cleaning and fixing things within the factory while they are there.