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Teen's funeral leads to riots in Greece

Thousands of protesters entered the streets of Greece on Tuesday after the funeral of a teen shot by a Greek police officer, The New York Times reported.

As the funeral of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, 15, ended and hundred of people began to leave the cemetery, groups of youth rioters turned violent, throwing gasoline bombs and rocks.

Greek youth and students have become more and more opposed to the current government, officials said.

"Everyone has let our children down ... Every day I see that students are becoming more hostile toward us and figures of authority," said Christos Kittas, who resigned as the dean of Athens University after the rioting spread to campuses, The Washington Post reported.

Opposition socialist leader George Papandreou called for early elections, citing that the current conservative government cannot handle the attacks and the crisis.

"The government cannot handle this crisis and has lost the trust of the Greek people," Papandreou said. "The best thing it can do is resign and let the people find a solution ... we will protect the public."