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Belated Bernard Bashing

Boy, he must be running out of material. Now he's taken to aimlessly criticizing his British ideological counterparts in another sad attempt to make fun of Democrats. Even Anne Coulter would think this is pathetic.

I'll assume Bernard wrote this BEFORE the elections since the loss of 47 seats by any political party is anything BUT a political victory. Don't worry folks, if the Conservatives won a coup of the British government, Bernard would just take it as a repudiation of left-of-center politics at the other side of the pond.

On A related note Bryan Freeman's piece where he whines about Democrats filibustering Bush's wingnut would be taken seriously if his claim that "no judicial nominee supported by a simple majority of the U.S. Senate has been filibustered successfully" was actually accurate. Senate Republicans in 1968 successfully filibustered the nomination of Abe Fortas to Chief Justice even when Fortas enjoyed a majority of the vote (45-43) in his favor.

If Bryan Freeman was more honest and less evasive, if his only qualifications was that any nominee was "filibustered", he would have faced many instances where judicial nominees were filibustered, including one that was participated by the holder of the nuclear football, Bill Frist. Back in 2000, Republicans unsuccessfully filibustered Clinton nominee Richard Paez. Bill Frist was among the handful of Republicans that voted for the filibuster.

All of this gives credence to this simple truth: Republicanism is a dead ideology fueled by sycopanthy and opportunistic hypocrisy.


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