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Darren Bernard - Poet Laureate

Is it just me, or are conservatives having too much fun playing down the significance of Dead-Eye Dick shooting a man in the face?

Boxer could grandstand

Kennedy would cry
It would be Alito all over
“Why did you lie?!�

A hearing for Durbin
A statement for Dayton
The awful conclusion:
“Cheney is Satan�

As much as Dems weep
It’s not like Dick tried
As much as libs sob
They can’t prove Dick lied
They cry, “What a scoundrel!
He pretends to have guts,�
But Dems are just jealous
That Cheney has nuts

Hah. . .huh? Perhaps Cheney hasn't lied himself, but his lackeys have been spinning all this time; first he wasn't drinking then he had a cocktail before shooting; Cheney didn't report the incident for hours because he wanted to make sure his friend was ok, even though he never went on the ambulance. And then there was the spin that the whole incident was Whittington's fault for sneaking up on Cheney like a rabid quail, then they had to backtrack when they relized how debased it was to blame the victim.

In any case, a vice-president involved in a shooting accident is a big deal no matter what the case may be. Make no mistake that if it had been Vice President Al Gore doing the shooting, the cons would never leave it alone for a second.


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