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The Hoodlum Vote

Rita Cosby, host of MSNBC blather show "Live & Direct", formerly known for her voice that needs a lozenge, is now known for that white triangular costume she keeps in the back of her closet:

COSBY: Yes, you know what? I do feel they are the good guys.

I am offended I think that churches would turn over their rosters. I think there needs to be this clear separation of church and state. Look, this is what our country was founded on.

And I also like what the Democrats are doing. I mean talk about a wacky thing. They are going after the, quote, “hoodlum vote.� I mean, that I think is very racist. Clearly they are going after the African-American vote, and I think on both sides it's pretty offensive.

MATTHEWS: Back up a notch. Going after the hoodlum vote?

COSBY: Yes, they're going after the felons. They are going after the convicted felons. They are going after these rosters saying that some of these felons should be able to vote.

So what they are doing in turn in saying OK the conservatives are going after the churches, you know, we'll get those lined. We'll get those voted of the folks who have had a criminal record. You know, come on.

Oh yeah, the only way she can explain this away is if she admits she's too stupid and white to know that it's racist.


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