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Darren Bernard Has A Bunch Of Term Papers

That would explain this yawner of a rethread about how shitty the UN is. He basically wrote the same opinion piece three times already, it's like he just broke into his hard drive, moved around some definite articles, then fired it off as a new opinion piece.

I'm not going to dispute that the UN has a bunch of problems it need to address, but that's basically what you are going to get when you have nuclear powers controlling the all-important Security Council. Those other Third-world nations are going to hang on to their influence on whatever councils they make up, whether it's the Human Rights Council or others.

Also his main criticisms of the UN could just as easily be appllied to the U.S. when it comes to "saving the world". Sexual abuse by peacekeepers? Never mind Abu Ghraib, what about how our soldiers have been charged for rape in the Phillipines or Okinawa? Oil-For-Food? Eye-Rack is just one huge scandal machine. How many billions of reconstruction money has been unaccounted for? And Darfur never received the attention of the U.S. so how the hell can the U.N do anything about it when it's annual budget for peacekeeping missions around the world is less than what the U.S. spends per day subsidizing the civil war in Eye-Rack ($3,870,000,000 vs $4,100,000,000).

It seems that the latest implosion by the administration, be it the civil war, the ports deal, or now the Katrina revelations (see below) has left the right-wing clutching at straws trying to take a wack at easy targets. Well, not this time. You are gonna have to face up to the crises of your own making one of these days.