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Nancy Grace: Worst Person In The World

At least according to Keith Olbermann and only on March 1st.

We all know Nancy Grace, that one-woman lynch mob of which every suspect is guilty as far as she's concerned. Af far as the criminal justice system, she only supports one side, the side of the victims, especially white female ones, and she vilifies those who would dare defend a suspect in a trial, likening them to prison guards at Auchwitz.

Her rise to fame rests upon her personal story of victimization when allegedly her fiancee was shot and killed by a random 24-year-old mugger, who had a history of crime but the liberal touchy-feely criminal justice system was too incompetent to lock up long enough. This animal also had the gall to claim innocence, yet Grace spared him the death penalty, an option he never left for her fiancee.

Well, the truth has come out, although it's already there except the credulous media kept believing her lies. That her fiancee was killed by man in Georgia now serving a life sentence, all that is true. But the fiancee was killed by a former co-worker, not a stranger. The guy was 19, not 24. The guy confessed to the killing, so it was an open-and-shut case with the jury convicting in a matter of hours, and the prosecuters couldn't get a death penalty because the guy was mildly retarded.

I know I shouldn't be harsh to those who lost a loved one, nevertheless. But if this doesn't stink of taking unwarranted advantage, or lying about a death in order to forward a retrograde agenda, then i don't know what this is.


I share your hatred for Nancy Grace.... I feel she is what is wrong with America

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This woman has a misplaced hatred towards society. There's no doubt in my mind that she needs help. If she's doing this in order to become famous, well, she got what she wanted.