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Time Magazine Blog Of The Year, 2004

This is Assrocket's rebuttal after the ThinkProgess blog methodically and patiently prove that every single one of their arguments against Jack Murtha is demonstrably false:

Are liberals really this dumb? Do they really think that the administration believed that Saddam had nuclear weapons, but forgot to mention it except on a single occasion when Vice-President Cheney referred to "reconstituted nuclear weapons"--what does that mean?--while at the same time saying that it was "only a matter of time" until Iraq had such weapons?

Sadly, I think a great many liberals are this stupid. Worse, I think that many liberals--like the proprietor of the hate site that resurrected the Cheney quote earlier today--are so far gone in hatred of President Bush that everything they say and do is said and done in bad faith. Like Jack Murtha, they have lost any ability to distinguish truth from fiction, and any desire to do so.

Yep, when the entire thing comes apart, these jackasses will continue to blame the liberals who never initiated or conducted this war in the first place.


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