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Why Have A Congress?

That's what Bernard says in his latest tongue bath to the Bush administration concerning the seemingly aborted ports deal with Dubai. Why must he and his kind be so hopelessly out of the maintstream?

It's clever how Bernard starts off his column with Senator Chuck Schumer's comparison of the U.A.E. with skinheads, despite the fact that the U.A.E. refuses to recognize Israel. And it's funny how he decries the use of the terror boogieman to scuttle the deal when he of all people knows too well how Bush and his ilk used terrorism to scare people into voting for them and supporting their disaster in Eye-Rack. It is said that the definition of chuzpah is a child who kills both his parents and demands sympathy because he's an orphan. The way Bernard and his kind cannot find the irony within their arguement amounts to genocide.

Nevermind the fact that Dubai is a notorious smuggler and that the royal family had ties to Osama Bin Laden, making their scrutiny justified. What takes the cake, and reveals the omnousness of these right-wing radicals, is the fact that he insists that Congress (while citing their corruption and inefficiency without mentioning that it's fully controlled by Republicans) should be kept out of deals like these, despite the fact that Constitution gives Congress the power to control commerce. This concentration of power to the executive, aided and abetted by these Bushbots should be troubling to us all.