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Race Pimpin'

I've tried to avoid this issue of Rep. Cyntia McKinney hitting a Capitol policeman simply because it is one completely contrived to distract the media and just enough people from the slow-motion implosion of the Republican party, but Mr. Bernard, who decided to write a day early, has forced my hand.

Apparently what happened is that last week, McKinney failed to stop at the Capitol Building when an officer was yelling "Ma'am, ma'am!" Apparently she didn't realize she was the "ma'am they were referring to until she was grabbed from behind, and out of alarm struck the person who grabbed her, who turned out to be the police officer.

She initially apologized, informally and officially, and that should have been the end of that. But prosecuters began pursuing what kind of charges could be pressed against her, So McKinney, detecting a pattern with her previous run-ins with the Capitol police, decided to come out accusing the police of racial profiling. She knows this is a coordinated attack, and she's fighting back like she knows how to do.

And now the embattled conservatives are piling on with glee. The former head snake Tom Delay just called McKinney a "racist" and I won't even address the other methane fumes bubbling from the reich-wing fever swamps. And of course Darren Bernard feels the need to jump right in.

Unlike the Dick Cheney hunting incident, with its cronyism, the denials and the coverups that may or may not be endemic in the Republican movement, the McKinney incident is symbolic of the inefficacy of the civil rights leaders' in ability to take care of the problems of the black community and it's increasing irrelevance in American social and political discourse.

His litany of "proof" is:

1. Julian Bond pointing out that the Republicans have a history of defending the Confederate flag, which he calls the "Confederate Swatstika", which is part of their larger practice of exploiting racial divisions

2. Some unsubstantiated thing about Jesse Jackson he picked up from Kenneth R. Timmeran.

3. Joseph Lowery making a political rally out of the Correta Scott King's funeral, unlike say what everyone else did with the Reagan funeral

4. Fiddee Sents is popularizing promiscuity and materialism, while Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton and most other celebs on E! are practically virginal

5. Rap music (along with every POPULAR segment of the entertainment industry) is violent and black congresspeople aren't bitching about it.

6. Black out-of-wedlock births are insane, even though the number of black children living with single parents has fallen during the last decade.

7. Rap music caused all the innercity poverty, drug use, delinquencies and other pathologies that have been around since before the Sugar Hill Gang came on the scene, even though it left alone all the white kids who buy 60 percent of all rap records.

8. Lil' Kim is in jail for perjury, and Busta Rhymes isn't saying anything about a murder.

Yep, those are compelling reasons why black civil rights leaders (apparently headed by McKinney) should shut their yaps.