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Time Magazine Blog of the Year, 2004 (Defending The Indefensible Edition)

I was going to check out moral idiots at Powerliars to see what they think of the Pagegate scandal surrounding former congressman Tom Foley and see if they still have a death grip on their brand of Republican sycopanthy. Glen Greenwald beats me to the punch, and sure enough, Assrocket doesn't disappoint:

But, in view of the history of far more egregious cases in the House, the idea of pursuing the House leadership on a "when did they find out that Foley sent a creepy email" basis seems ludicrous, and is understandable only in the context of two facts: Foley is a Republican, and there is an election in five weeks.

Yes, crybaby Republicans are ALWAYS the victim. This guy almost literally got caught in bed with a live boy, and they still dismiss it as petty politics and a smear campaign. Greenwald dissects the rest of the post with more lucidity and eloquence than I could ever hope for, but this pretty much confirms that if Hitler and Stalin can grace the covers of that august magazine as "Man of the Year" there's no reason why the bunch of mincing reprobates can receive the same honor.


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