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For We Warned Them, So We Are Excused

Jonathan Scwarz at A Tiny Revolution makes a damning comparison between the recent Lebonon bombing campaign by Israel and the current sectarian ethnic cleansing going on in Iraq. We all know how the Israeli hardliners, even those who are intelligent and who I used to admire, (and Ed Schultz) excuse the bombing of civilians using the abominable fig leaf that the Israelis dropped a bunch of fliers warning the people that they should leave their homes and livelihoods behind.

A simple response to that contemptible argument is to ask the apologists how much better they would feel about the rocket attacks if Hezbollah delivered similar leaflets upon Israeli villages and cities beforehand, but now in a way we don't have to imagine anymore since other killers of Shiites have also been kind enough to post warnings before they embark on their slaughter:

In the name of Allah, the most merciful Subject: Deportation

As a result of the criminal and sectarian behaviour of what is called (the disgraceful) Jaish Al-Mahdi and (the treacherous) Badr forces by killing, kidnapping and deporting the Sunni community (at Mahmoudiya, Rashidiya, Sha’ab, Shu’la and Hurriya), as well as violating the honour of Sunnis and plundering their possessions, the organisation has decided, Inshallah, to return the strike twofold and treat them the same (an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth). It has been decided to deport you from Sunni areas, including Ghazaliya, within 24 hours, or otherwise your heads will be cut off, the same as your militias act with members of the Sunni community. He who has warned is henceforth excused.

Compare to the warnings that the Israelis papered Southern Lebanon with a few months ago:

To the people of Lebanon Pay attention to these instructions!!

The IDF will intensify its activities and will heavily bomb the entire area from which rockets are being launched against the State of Israel.

Anyone present in these areas is endangering his life!

The State of Israel

Don't take my word for it, take Dershowitz's: Israel is justified in bombing civilians because they are not stopping the terrorists who attack Israel. Likewise, the sectarian militias are justified in killing civilians because they are protecting the rival militias. If that's the moral universe Israel chooses to occupy (all puns intended) then I only feel sorry for the Israeli citizens who have to suffer because of their government's choices.