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The Other Shoe Drops

You know how we liberals whined about how our recent codification of torture, removing habeus corpus, indefinite detention and kangaroo courts will put Americans abroad at risk to those countries that might see a green light to abuse them as they please? Well, now we have a test case:

Vietnam charges 3 U.S. citizens with "terrorism"

02 Nov 2006 20:03:42 GMT
Source: Reuters

By Grant McCool

HANOI, Nov 2 (Reuters) - Seven people, including three Vietnamese-born
U.S. citizens, will be prosecuted on charges of plotting violence against
Vietnam's communist government, officials said on Thursday.

The prosecutor included charges against a U.S. citizen whose 13-month-long
detention has drawn attention in the United States before a Nov. 17-20 visit
to Vietnam by President George W. Bush.

. . .The statement linked the seven to a Vietnamese-born resident of the United
States, Nguyen Huu Chanh, who was suspected of plotting to bomb Vietnam
embassies in recent years.

May God have mercy on them.