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FAUX's War On Terra-ism

While the new Al-Jazeera International is being blocked by major cable distributors from airing in this part of the hemisphere because they believe the propoganda that the network is a propoganda network (instead of a valuable media counterweight in the part of the world saturated with extremist, state-run media), it's been revealed that Fox News has funneled at least $1 million dollars to Palestinian terrorist groups in order to secure the August release of their two reporters. If they have any decency at all, they would remove all references to the American flag from their transistions, title designs and that litttle bug in the corner:

Palestinian terror groups and security organizations in the Gaza Strip received $2 million from a United States source in exchange for the release of Fox News employees Steve Centanni and Olag Wiig, who were kidnapped here last summer, a senior leader of one of the groups suspected of the abductions told WND.

The terror leader, from the Gaza-based Popular Resistance Committees, said his organization's share of the money was used to purchase weapons, which he said would be utilized "to hit the Zionists."

. . ."We used 100 percent of the money for one precise goal – our war against the Zionists," the Committees leader said.

He said weapons purchased included rockets.

via John Aravosis of AmericaBlog


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