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It's Pronounced "Nuke-you-ler"

Forget about that clusterfuck in Eye-Rack, it's nuclear Eye-Ran we should be worried about, and it's those damn ruskies and chinamen to blame. So sayeth Darren Bernard in his latest column/coping mechanism.

God there is so many things wrong with this article. He admits that the U.S. (read President Bush and his cronies) hasn't even TRIED engaging with the Iranians directly, but he spends most of the column aqssailing the U.N. - particularly Russia and China - for trying and failing? And why would Russia and China care too much if Iran had nuclear weapons? The mideast has been nuclearized for quite some time (Israel) and they already made peace with the fact that a potentially unstable Islamic state has nuclear weapons (Pakistan). And if Iran starts any trouble, all Russia and China have to do is flex their nuclear muscle and Iran will respect the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction.

Bernard admits that the U.S. is lacking in the possession of bargaining chips, but he expects the U.N., an entity that officially does not have an army, to pick up the slack in the intimidation factor? And since when does the U.N. act independently of the U.S. in security matters? That would present an affront to U.S. hegemony that even Darren Bernard couldn't handle.

The greatest omission, however, is how much Bush has undermined any future gains in diplomatic relations with Iran with his nonsensical and peurile "Axis of Evil" speech. Because of that, the reformist president Mohammed Khatami was booted in favor of hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadnenijad, who proceeded to close most doors to peaceful negotiations. Face it, it's the U.S., not the U.N., that is supposed to be the leader in resolving these crises, and with that idiot monkeyboy still in office, the world will continue to suffer a black hole in leadership.