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From Domino Democracies To Domino Disorders


Bob Johnson over at The Daily Kos discusses the new David Brooks column in today's New York TImes in which Brooks descibes a nightmare scenario of which several Arab nations gets toppled by anti-Sunni insurgents and chaos reigns throughout the Middle East, only to eventually end up on our doorstep via terror acts worst than September the Eleventh ("apply directly to your forehead"). Bob Johnson calls it The New Domino Theory©, a rehash of a discredited theory that will no doubt be peddled by the Eye-Rack war dead-enders like David Brooks to justify our staying in the shitmire, and to therefore protect their diminishing credibility.

The warbots have promoted the theory that a successful Eye-Rack war will inspire the growth of democracies in the Arab world, like spring blossoms in the arid desert.

But they've supported a war president who desperately needed to market this fiasco to the gullible voters in this country, so he rushed through elections in Eye-Rack without providing the security needed for moderate voices to be heard. Now the elections have only sharpened sectarian divides that is now fueling the civil war and the moderate voices have since been lost by the wayside. And now those same morons have shifted from predicting a Renaissance to predicting an Apocalypes. But those two theories will not pan out for the same obvious reason.

Bush's fuck-up in Eye-Rack has provided a potent example to other Arab autocracies as to why their iron-fisted rule is a necessary evil and why any incipient insurrections will be put down swiftly and with full backing of their constituencies. A dictactorship may not be perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than the "freedoms" being enjoyed by the Eye-Rackees. As I've said before, Bush's legacy will not be the one laid down by Harry Truman. It will be the ones provided by the Mongols who sacked Baghdad in the 13th century. The Mongols invasion effectively ended the growth and liberalization of Islam when the clerics declared that the invasion was God's punishment for their not following the strict interpretations of Islam. The Bush invasion will do the same to whatever nascent democratization efforts in the Middle East.

Update: Ezra Klein mocks David Brooks a good one.


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