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The Return of The Teflon Republican

Greg Sargent of the Horse's mouth reminds Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz why he should be skeptical about John McCain's supposedly sincere efforts to increase the troop levels in Eye-Rack, namely that this is the same St. John McCain who admitted on an earlier edition of Meet the Press that such a plan was unworkable.

Sure, we can remind these hacks that they should do their goddamn jobs and report what the candidates say, not what they feel about them. But, the exercise is truly sysiphean when you get statements like this:

Why not accept that McCain really believes this and is taking a political risk? Maybe his position is dumb and maybe it isn't, but it certainly doesn't appear to be safe.

So St. McCain is to be given a pass because he takes a position he himself had earlier discredited? A position may be incredibly stupid, but he has taken a stand, right?

And all the while, every statement made by Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and now Nancy Pelosi is scrutinized, raked over the coals and second-guessed to no end and on every insignificant issue they can contrive? That's all good for the Democrats, but this type of blatant double standard turns a necessity in political reporting into a maddening conundrum.


Great article again again it just would go to prove that: it's not whatever you do, but how you will do it!