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Waiting For The Nuhremburg Trial

Atrios (and apparently quite a few other bloggers) strongly disagrees with Kevin Drum's suggestion that Democrats and liberals just sit back and allow the neocon dream in Eye-Rack run its course without interrupting it in any way, lest the warbots blame them for getting in their way of their inevitable victory in that country.

Their criticism are rightly based not only on the immoral calculus of dooming the Iraqi population to years of misery and bloodshed under U.S. occupation and escalation in order to hand liberals a political victory, but also on the fact that the unrepentant warmongers will never admit that they were wrong and will convince the collective limbic system of the next generation of uberpatriot suckers that they were right all along.

But Kevin Drum has history on his side. The latest example is that the Vietnam War was a fiasco which turned a huge majority of the country against it and at first we couldn't leave that quagmire fast enough. Drum says that if the surge fails then the public will reject another rerun of the dolchstosslegende. But we've added several thousand more troops and dropped more bombs in Vietnam than we did in World War II, and we still couldn't break the Vietnamese resistance. Yet one Reagan and three Rambo movies later, the 'Murikan public were still convinced that if we had stayed longer and lost more troops the jungles of Indochina, then we could have prevailed, like we did in Panama, Grenada and Leba - whoops, scratch that last one. But it was those dirty fucking hippies in Congress that got in the way of glorious, glorious victory.

Now this generation has been sold a bill of goods on the shitmire in Eye-Rack, and significant majorities now want out. But don't underestimate the stupidity and fickleness of the American public, especially with the pundits who advocated for the war still not being held to account and the news media that is only too happy to project the latest reich-wing talking point. Keep in mind that we are talking about the same American public where a full 30 percent cannot remember the year 9-11 happened. If that many can forget something as concrete as September 11, 2001, then think how many more will quickly forget the nuances of the Eye-Rack war, why we can't win, and turn on the Democrats if they pull the plug on their illusory victory.

I hate to say it but Mr. Drum is ultimately the right one. Yes it is honorable and courageous to put an end to this madness immediately, but as columnist Paul Krugman has elucidated recently, Democratic pragmatism and good governance will always fall prey to Republican demogoguery, and the latter will never learn their lesson if we keep cleaning up their mistakes. Of course, Krugman is talking about budget deficits, but on the war, the only way the public will wake up if they are, like the Germans and Japanese before them, have come to face the complete failure and defeat and are forced to look upon the atrocities of their own making with their cold dead eyes. Perhaps multiple massacres will be exposed. Perhaps the army will completely break down beyond any spin or coverup. In one form or another this country should see the end result of our folly. I would just want to add some qualifiers to Kevin Drums near-fatalistic solution for the Eye-Rack war that Democrats should not be blind followers. Keep throwing rocks on the lemon and engage in proctological oversight on the war, so that when the Day of Judgement is finally upon us, there will be ample evidence and irrefutable reminding us of our wrongdoing that will rival the Shoah Foundation.