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"My Name Is Joe Klein, And I'm A Dumbass"


Originally, I wasn't going to pay attention to the attention Time columnist Joe Klein has been getting with his typically braindead commentary on his new blog. Apparently liberals are right about opposing the splurge and neocons are wrong about supporting it, but liberals are wrong to press the issue since some generals (excluding the ones that just got effectively fired by Bush for opposing the splurge) seem to be on board with it.

Ezra Klein, however, in an attempt to unsully his good name he shares with the other Klein, reveals the alarming exent of Joe Klein's practiced ignorance:

Let's recap: Klein is arguing that Paul Krugman is a lazy fool because he attributes the surge strategy to Frederick Kagan and the neocons. This week, in Time magazine, Michael Duffy, their main political reporter and a guy who presumably does "talk to key players" and "read the doctrines," reported that the surge "belongs to the neocons and in particular to Frederick Kagan," and made it clear that Kagan sought out Jack Keane to add credibility to his proposal. A far cry from Klein's claim that military intellectuals "are the motivating force behind Bush's new policy."

So only one of two interpretations can be true here: Either Joe Klein is wrong on the facts, or Michael Duffy is. In either case, Time magazine is paying someone to misinform their readership. Since Klein is so quick to throw out challenges ..., here's a question for him: Are you misrepresenting the facts in order to blast liberals, or is your magazine's cover story a heap of lies? I, by the way, am a subscriber, and so would really like to know.

But Ezra Klein isn't serious because he's a dirty fucking hippie who talks too much.