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Democrats Pull A Boehner

Digby is right, Democrats can't win in the eyes of the reich-wing media. Apparently Steny Hoyer agreed to postpone congressional proceedings after minority leader John Boehner requested that he show his support for Ohio State in their bowl game against Florida. Did the reich-wing media hail this rare moment in bipartisan comity?


Co-hosts Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, and Brian Kilmeade made hay in their Monday show at the expense of Democrats, yucking it up repeatedly during the two-hour show over the fact that Democrats had broken their pledge to work five days a week by taking the day off Monday so members could attend the BCS title game between Ohio State and Florida.

Watch the video to see how they handle the fact Boehner was the one who requested the postsponement.

And how does Boehner thank his Democratic colleague for taking the political heat? Why by distancing himself from it:

"We just make the request - the majority makes the decision," said a spokesman for Boehner, a well-liked politico known for throwing A-list parties at the political conventions.

Snakes, all of them.