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Joe Lieberman Don't Like Black People

Joseph Lieberman, artist's conception.

After all his high dudgeon over how Bush fucked up the response to the Katrina disaster, Lieberman, who won the chairmanship of the Senate Committees of Homeland Security and Government Affairs is going to give WorstPresidentEver a pass from any serious investigation:

Jan. 11, 2007 - Sen. Joe Lieberman, the only Democrat to endorse President Bush’s new plan for Iraq, has quietly backed away from his pre-election demands that the White House turn over potentially embarrassing documents relating to its handling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans.

Lieberman’s reversal underscores the new role that he is seeking to play in the Senate as the leading apostle of bipartisanship, especially on national-security issues. On Wednesday night, Bush conspicuously cited Lieberman’s advice as being the inspiration for creating a new “bipartisan working group? on Capitol Hill that he said will “help us come together across party lines to win the war on terror.?

But the decision by Lieberman, the new chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, to back away from the committee's Katrina probe is already dismaying public-interest groups and others who hoped the Democratic victory in November would lead to more aggressive investigations of one of the White House’s most spectacular foul-ups.

I just like to say to the Connecticut voters nice job voting in another assclown Republican to the Senate, and to all the Democrats who supported him during his campaign against Ned Lamont (looking at you Hillary Clinton, Obama) for your hand in his thumbing his nose towards victims of the Katrina disaster.


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