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Don't Believe The Hype

Glenn Greenwald details an NPR oral essay by conservative columnist/activist Rod Dreher in which Dreher recants his support for the Eye-Rack war, for WorstPresidentEver and his band of fellow travellers, and for authoritorianism. Dreher also admits that the dirty fucking hippies (and most of the country at the time) were right to oppose the Vietnam War and to question authority and he was wrong to castigate them for hating America and for assuming Democrats are wimps and Republicans are strong.

Apparently Glenn Greenwald and most of the liberal bloggers that trackbacked to his post are singing hosannas that the tide has finally turned against the Bush Republicans and all they stand for. But one blogger wasn't fooled. Chester N. Scoville at The Vanity Press notes that there are some very telling inconsistencies in Dreher's oral essay, namely that the conduct of the war has taught him to abandon his complete trust in American presidents and their policies, even though in the same breath he chronicled how the "wimpiness" of Jimmy Carter threw him into the arms of Ronald Reagan. And lord knows when Clinton was in office he wasn't quick to defend the Commander in Chief from the attacks of his fellow conservatives.

That rank disingenuousness is proof positives that these scumbuckets will quickly forget their opposition to the Eye-Rack war and learn to love the shitmire again once the dust settles. And they will quickly blame the Democrats for denying them their glorious victory, either because we haven't clapped hard enough or haven't allowed them to kill enough mud-slims.

As I've said before, we've done the same dance with Vietnam. Most people understood that the war couldn't be won, but quickly forgot and were fooled again by the myth of unilateral American hegemony. Know that it will happen again with Eye-Rack if we continue to hold the hands of the warmongers. Until the country realizes the full disaster of the policy they've given sanction to, they will never learn.