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It's All Falling Into Place

The only reason Bush is pushing for an escalation virtually everybody opposes is because it's a delaying tactic in order for him to leave office without having to deal with the Eye-Rack problem like a man. The plan is that he announces his addition of more troops in order to project the image that he is trying, diddle around for at least six month telling all your critics that your plan was not given enough time to work.

Six months after that when it's been revealed that your plan is a spectacular failure, this country will already be in the middle of a major presidential campaign with primary races in both parties. Bush will say his hands are tied because he doesn't want to implement a major policy in deference to the next president. Of course, the Eye-Rack disaster will not look good for Republicans and Americans will likely vote a Democrat to inherit the shitmire, and if s/he is unable to solve it or withdraws the troops, then it will be her/his war to lose.

Welp, via ThinkProgress Phase Two of "Operation: Cover His Ass" has already been announced:

The top generals on the ground are trying to keep expectations low. Yesterday, Gen. George Casey, the outgoing top U.S. military commander in Iraq, warned that it is “going to take time? and no one should evaluate the impact of the plan until “summer or Fall.?