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The Hack Is Back

What's it been, a little short of two months since Bernard has written a column and I beat up on him? And wasn't it three months ago that Bernard has given the Eye-Rackee government three months to solve the security and political situation?

Well, the deadline is up and the streets of Baghdad are still filled with blood. But it appears that sometime during the hiatus, he has decided to kick the can further down the road and concentrate on ways to bash the Democrats now that they (*gasp*) share actual power in our government. No more of that condescending snark he used to practice when Democrats had no control of government, now he's launching a fusillage of trenchant rage against the powers that be of the Democratic party.

This time he's losing his bile over the fact that Pelosi and Reid (but not several Republicans, a "commanding majority" of the country and the plurality of the military) strongly oppose the current splurge of troops being peddled by WorstPresidentEver. Of course Pelosi, Reid, most of the country and the military want us to lose in Eye-Rack because backing the president no matter what is the key to the victory we now have today.

But once again, the insidious little weasel tries to misrepresent what Harry Reid said just a month ago. On the December 17th edition of This Week, Reid said he would support the escalation IF it were part of a plan to withdraw troops in a year. Two days later when he realized that the troop escalation is just another open-ended delaying tactic he became adamantly opposed to the troop splurge.

Then he tries to say that Charles Rangel and the rest of the Democrats want equal opportunity terror attacks on Americans because they refuse to fight in a country that had NOTHING TO DO with the September 11th attacks. This is despite the near universal opinion that the Eye-Rack war did nothing but INCREASE the probability of more terror attacks.

And last, he says that we must continue with our failed policies in Eye-Rack for the good of the Eye-Rackees, despite the fact that huge majorities of Iraqis want us out now, even if they have to kill for it. But Darren Bernard alone knows what is good for them, a sentiment that is the very province of colonial imperialism.

So Bernard forgets his three-month deadline, lies about what Harry Reid said, claims that Democrats want Americans to die from terror attacks and ignores the fact that Iraqis want us out immediately. In the seriatims of hackery, Darren Bernard has probably hit a new record.