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Black Hawk Down, Part. . . uh, I Stopped Keeping Count.

12 killed. Nineteen total today Saturday. And to think how the media raked Clinton over the coals for the same number of deaths in that other fabled Black Hawk Down incident.

The example of Time Magazine was the worst. Back in 1993 when the Battle of Mogadishu happened, the magazine wastes no time filling its pages with images of dead American soldiers being dragged in the street. This was just a couple years after they refrained from showing grisly photos from the first Gulf War. Now they are engaging in the same form of censorship with this war, except they are acting shocked, SHOCKED, that they would so "recklessly" give the Black Hawk Down incident so much unfiltered coverage at the time. They shouldn't be so shocked. It all depends upon which party the president is from.

Sorry for the digression, but it will be interesting how the librul media will handle this latest Black Hawk down incident.