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Torture Doesn't Work And We Do Not Live In 24's World - That Is All

Arthur Silber highlights a new study by the Intelligence Science Board telling us that there is no evidence that the "controversial interrogation approaches" (aka torture) used by the WorstPresidentEver's fight against the terra-ists actually work, and that some of the techniques have actually hindered our efforts.

Even worse, the "painful and coersive techinques" that are used were not founded on experience or knowledge that it would get results, but were either made up on the fly with the interrogators using their captives as human guinea pigs, or they were influenced by the examples presented by popular culture, especially the FOX show 24. Silber of course uses this as further evidence of the corrosive effect that show has had on our nation:

You need not wonder any longer why I have written about the great evil conveyed by 24, although I admit that even I was not prepared to find confirmation on this point in precisely this form.

. . .So there you have it: a series like 24, with its genuinely monstrous messages, serves as the basis for national policy, and as the "justification" for the systematic use of torture.

I honestly do not know how to express my profound revulsion in response to this latest story. So I will simply say that I am truly at a loss for words, and end this entry here.

But for some perverted reason, I still watch it and get a kick out of the show. Just last week a suitcase nuclear bomb exploded in an LA suburb, a situation which is at the height of absurdity. We can only see how this season will turn out. Hell, even the producers don't have a clue how the season will end, which just lends to the general craziness of the show and its utter unpredictability. Will it top the arrest and prosecution of the President of the United States last season? We'll see.