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The One Where He Believes In Global Warming But Still Blames Enviromentalists

Here's the money quote buried deep within Darren Bernard's usual litany of scorn towards the usual suspects:

The Earth is warming, likely because of both natural climate variation and human-created emissions.

But the problem, you see, is that dirty fucking hippies like Al Gore and climatologists are too hysterical about the subject and are not letting Big Oil give their side of the debate. But, alas, Bernard does seem to have a point, in his own way:

Update: Of course, I hope Bernard knows that the "dissent" against global warming is being bought and paid for by the Big Oil lobby.

It is one thing for scientists and congressmen to be frustrated by the dissent of a vocal minority. It is very much another for them to issue veiled threats to squash technical and policy debates. If the green crowd were as confident in their models as they claim they are, they should not need to bully the few skeptics who remain. Such obvious suppression of opinion is not a redeeming detail to people on the fence of the debate - that is, most Americans.