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Nutpicking In Extremis

These lizardbrain conservative reptiles are so goddamn predictable you can set a watch to them. Glenn Greenwald noted on Tuesday how the reich-wing blogosphere is using the attack on Dick Cheney in Afghanistan as a blunt object to accuse liberals of wanting him dead, utilizing the practice of nutpicking in order to make that case. He predicted that the methane gas from the fever swamps will eventually permeate up to the graven stones of the "legitimate media".

Sure enough, on his blog Media Notes, Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz gives these rantings the airplay they don't deserve (although he did emphasize eventually that the random and anonymous blog comments that these accusation of liberal treason are based upon shouldn't be taken too seriously.)

Once again, Glenn Greenwald does the legwork and argumentation necessary to put these clowns in line. I'm just giving him the airplay that he deserves.


I think we have to convey our brand if we say anything online. and also, yes, that means to be extremely careful. It only takes an extra for something distasteful an additional and bite - not today, but perhaps the day after tomorrow.