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How Convenient

The Pentagon just happened to "lose" a videotape showing Jose Padilla's interrogation, the contents which might prove why Padilla is mistrustful of authority figures like his lawyers. Who else wants to call "bullshit" on this?

A videotape showing Pentagon officials' final interrogation of al-Qaida suspect Jose Padilla is missing, raising questions about whether federal prosecutors have lost other recordings and evidence in the case.

The tape is classified, but Padilla's attorneys said they believe something happened
during that interrogation that could explain why Padilla does not trust them and
suspects they are government agents.

Padilla attorney Anthony Natale said in court papers that the March 2, 2004,
interrogation at the Navy brig in Charleston, S.C., could contain information the
government conveyed to Padilla that "directly impacts upon his relationship with
his attorneys."

Prosecutors and the Pentagon have said they cannot find the tape despite an
intensive search.