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"I Was Not Involved" - Attorney General Albert Gonzalez: 4/3/2005-3/??/2007

The complete quote from that now infamous presser by Abu Gonzalez goes like this:

"I was not involved in seeing any memos, was not involved in any discussions about what was going on. . .That's basically what I knew as the attorney general."

Other than the fact that how the hell could he not know what his own Chief of Staff was doing, he had a pretty plausible alibi.

Which lasted all of three days now that new e-mails have emerged that show that Gonzalez was discussing the purge of USAs even before he became the AG:

The messages also show that an internal administration push to remove a large number of federal prosecutors was well underway even as Alberto R. Gonzales, then the White House counsel, was preparing for Senate hearings on his nomination to be attorney general.

Gonzales talked "briefly" in December 2004, the messages show, with D. Kyle Sampson, who would become his chief of staff at Justice, about the plan to remove U.S. attorneys. Justice spokeswoman Tasia Scolinos said Gonzales has "no recollection" of discussing the prosecutors' firings at the time, when he was preparing for his January 2005 confirmation hearings.

Yep, that's all Mr. Torture Memo has left, the Busheimer's Syndrome defense. Since there doesn't seem to be any Urbandictionary or Wikipedia entry for that affliction, I shall define it here:

Busheimer's Syndome: 1. (n) a disease that afflicts any Bush administration official that is currently under questioning or investigation for a crime in which they conveniently forget certain details of the relevant events, usually utilizing various forms of the phrase "I can't recall"; c.f. Scooter Libby's entire defense during his obstruction of justice/perjury trial.

2. (n) A disease that afflicts many pundits and commentators of major news outlets in which they conveniently forget certain events during the Bush administration in order to make new observations favorable to their agenda or to the Bush administration itself; c.f. neocon mea culpa over Eye-Rack war.

It's funny, back when I made this post, I resigned myself to the fact that it's never going to go much farther than that. Now it's revealed that the very Karl Rove is directly involved in the political purging of the prosecutors and it has grave implications for the Bushies. Only thanks to the subpoena power of Democrats, the persistence of the liberal blogosphere led by Josh Marshall, and the local media who sees significance in the unexplained firings of their U.S. attorneys did this story has finally got more than legs, and will lead to more and more realization that we are, in fact, ruled by the Worst. President. Ever.


I'm pretty sure that Gonzalez is going to resign and there are louder and louder calls for Bush to be impeached. It's about time that America learned that when you think you smell a rotting fish, guess what, it's probably a freaking rotting fish! People had an uncomfortable feeling in their stomachs when Gonzalez got appointed. Well guess what? That uncomfortable feeling was from him throwing up the pro-Bush retoric in in Kyle Sampson's ear. I thought that the US neocon government cared Sooo much about spreading American diplomacy and democracy around the world and making EVERY little nation into another little America. What kind of example are we showing to the rest of the world when our government is basically like the patriarchial governments of Africa or with CIA lapses like those in Russia, man?? We are really screwing up. The only way to preserve American prestige is to impeach Bush and to show the world that America is still a model of democracy and pristine freedom. Please though, gosh, why are the democrats waiting so long to begin impeachment proceedings. I know that they are afraid of being known as the new democratic congress that impeaches republican presidents, however, at this point, I think that the American people would understand.

Hey, here's quick story based the last note from my last comment: A woman came into a coffee shop and she seemed winded from riding her bike, she had a bike helmet on and immediately asked for a medium cup of coffee. The news was on in the background and looking at me, she asked me,"So, what's going on right now?" I said, "Alberto Gonzalez is being asked to resign for-"
"Good." she answered quickly.

I honestly don't think a lot of people would mind if Bush resigned.

Well, the Democrats should be busy gathering the evidence in order to show the public that there is no other choice but to impeach that son of a chimp. And I do agree with the notion that the first few months of the Democratic congressional regime should be based on showing what they can do for the country rather than dragging out a divisive impeachment proceeding.

BTW, thanx for the story, and happy birthday :)