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"Do As I Say" Diplomacy: Palestinian Edition

Looks like Fatah and Hamas has formed a coalition, however tenuous it is, to form a unity government. The bad news is that it looks like they've united against a common enemy - Israel. And because they haven't aquiesced to Israeli demands, the EU and U.S. will still deny aide.

You know what, why don't they just get it over with, invade their country, kill their leaders and convert all of them to Christianity? Because these actions just further proves that democracy and self-determination among the Arabs in the middle-east is just another dead end that will not win any favors from the West. Autocracies and tyrannies get more respect and engagement than the Palestinians simply because they wash their hands of the Palestinian problem and have renounced their grievances against Israel. As Ken Silverstein said, that open hypocrisy makes for very dangerous implications for political progress in the Mideast.