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How's That Surge Coming Along? Part IX

Looks like the Shiites have put up with enough of the unilateral disarment:

BAGHDAD, March 25 (Reuters) - U.S. and Iraqi troops clashed with gunmen in a town south of Baghdad on Sunday shortly after a Sunni mosque was set ablaze in an apparent revenge attack for the destruction of a Shi'ite mosque in the town a day earlier.

Gunmen stormed the Sunni mosque in Haswa, a religiously mixed town about 50 km (35 miles) south of the Iraqi capital, on Sunday morning and destroyed its minaret in a blast. The building was set on fire, a police official said.

They said at least four people were wounded. A second Sunni mosque was attacked but damage was reported to be minor.

A suicide truck bomber exploded outside a Shi'ite mosque in Haswa on Saturday, killing 14 and wounding 21, Hilla police said. The provincial health directorate and Baghdad police put the toll at 16. Only the mosque's minaret was left standing.