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Zbigniew Brzezinski on the Waronterra

Jimmy Carter's former National Security Advisor is dumping on us Americans for being so scared of our own shadows over 19 madmen with boxcutters. I say "so what"? Us dirty fucking hippies have been saying the exact same thing almost immediately after the planes hit. I remember during that time that my biggest fear was not of an invading A-rab mob out to kill us all, but that this country would respond in the way we did respond - by making this much, much larger than a criminal act that should be prosecuted.

But let us not forget that Mr. Brzezinski was among those that first empowered those jihadists that targeted this country in the first place. Of course Bush and Clinton neglected to clean up Afghanistan after the Soviets left, leaving a broken country wracked in civil war until Islamic fundamentalists took over. It would be nice if his role was acknowledged.