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You Can't Be Too Paranoid

Darren Bernard sneaked by with one of his rare Monday columns, so naturally expecting his usual Thursday column I completely missed it. And boy is it a paternalistic, pant-pissing doozy. Here, his targets are the six imams who are suing US Airways for not letting them board their return flight home even though they've been cleared of any connection with terrorism, and the two Muslim civil rights organizations championing their causes.

It was nice of Bernard to parrot the airline's self-serving "investigation" into the matter that (surprise!) completely absolved the airline. But even if the the account of what the airline says is perfectly true, it still doesn't show that the imams were especially disruptive to warrant their being kicked off the flight, just that they prayed, sat on the airplane and asked for seatbelt extentions. How dare they.

After tossing a back-handed riff on CAIR's Saudi money (which, unlike Bush's Saudi ties, make them suspicious) and MAS's ties with the Muslim Brotherhood that he describes as "violent" (notice that he doesn't say "terrorist" since the group doesn't even appear on the State Department's list of foreign terror organizations), he conflates their support for the imams with their support for the Muslim taxidrivers that refuse to transport alcohol. While I agree that the cabdrivers aren't reasonable, Bernard seems to think that Muslims have no right to complain and accept whatever comes their way with toothy grins. Maybe he could do a an even exchange with the Muslim civl rights groups: they stop complaining about certain affronts if Bernard stops complaining about suspicious Muslims and assorted bands of hippies. Then we shall all be happy.