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Another Victory In The WaronTerra

Send him off to Gitmo!

April 3, 2007 — - A middle school student who allegedly confronted a girl with a knife has become one of the youngest Americans ever charged with terrorism.

Late Monday, Maricopa County attorney Andrew Thomas officially charged the 14-year-old boy from Mesa, Ariz., with terrorism, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and carrying weapons on a school campus.

The alleged crimes took place two weeks ago when police say the boy, who is an eighth grader at Powell Junior High School, approached a girl with a knife as she walked home from school. The girl escaped and called police. When the boy failed to show up at school the next day, police visited his home.

They found a backpack full of weapons including a handgun and ammo, chains, and rope. Police said they want the boy to be tried as an adult.

The charge of terrorism includes "substantial interruption of a public facility or establishment with a deadly weapon," according to the county attorney's office.

Mesa Police say the youth admitted to planning to take his class hostage. The boy told police that he intended to kill the girl, whom he singled out at random, police spokeswoman Holly Hosac said.

Yes, what the kid did and was allegedly planning to do is serious, but it is not terrorism since it's a political tool used to achieve specific political ends. Unless this kid was planning on not releasing his hostages until the proletariat is fully represented in the parliament - or until this country worships Allah - this just doesn't qualify.