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"B-But Al Sharpton. . ."

Any moron who says that Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are hypocrites because they don't criticize rap music obviously never listen to both those people unless they says something that annoys them. Both Sharpton and Jackson have lambasted rap music for years, and let's not forget Sharpton's little crusade against a certain Boondocks cartoon more than a year ago.

Update: Since it was too much work for various commentators to depress their fingers a couple times on their mouse's right-hand button and use a search engine, Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog does it for them:

...an anti-rap movement ... began in March [2005], soon after shots were fired by the rival entourages of 50 Cent and the Game outside a New York radio station. Al Sharpton demanded that the Federal Communications Commission ban violent rappers from radio and television, and he launched a boycott against Universal Music Group, which he accused of "peddling racist and misogynistic black stereotypes" through rap music. Sharpton expressed special concern about white perceptions of African Americans. Rappers and their corporate supporters "make it easy for black culture to be dismissed by the majority," he said, and the large white fan base "has learned through rap images to identify black male culture with a culture of violence."

Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition signed on to the boycott....

(via Digby)