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Al-Jazeera Banned In Afghanistan

Looks like our efforts in that country has produced another totalitarian Muslim state that rejects the press freedoms represented by that news station:

"The Afghan government ordered a TV station in the country to suspend broadcasts of all Al-Jazeera English language programs, the station's director said Tuesday.

"A statement from Lemar TV said the Ministry of Information and Culture, which oversees media in Afghanistan, did not provide reasons for the order. The station complied, but contested the order before the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

"The director of the station said the ministry told the attorney general's office that Al-Jazeera is 'inflicting a killer blow to the cultural order and the legal authority of the government.' Ministry officials could not immediately be reached for comment."

Jesus, even Saddam Hussein allowed Al-Jazeera. Christ.

(via Brian Ulrich of American Footprints)