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That's One Way To Duck A Midterm

Apparently a theory surrounding yesterday's closure of 8 East Bank buildings is because there was a Chemistry 1021 midterm scheduled that day:

Patel said she wasn't sure about the motives of the threat, but Chemistry 1021 had a test and said that "could be the reason."

"I don't know what was going on in that person's head when they announced the bomb threat," she said.

Heather Raco, first year pre-veterinary student, said she had a test in Smith Hall right before it was evacuated.

Raco said she left the building for a coffee break and when she came back all the doors were locked.

She and many other students had a chemistry mid-term in Smith Hall later in the day, she said.

Come on, I took that class, it's only 30 questions, multiple choice. If it was organic chemistry, then maybe I would have understood the need for the threat.