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Looks Like I Didn't Pray Hard Enough

Steve Gilliard, founder of my favorite blogs The News Blog, has sadly passed away. From the very prehistory of the Eye-Rack war to the day he was taken to the hospital, he has been my number one go-to source, whether he was on the Daily Kos or his own site, for the real story on what's going on in Eye-Rack and the difficulties that are to come. Plus it was him who introduced me to that killer macaroni and cheese recipe that I have been using ever since. Hunter S. Thompson, Anne Richards, Molly Ivins, John Galbraith, now Steve Gilliard (yes, I'm putting him among those great people) the number of great liberal minds being taken away at the time we need them most is getting really, really depressing.

My heart goes out to his family, close friends and all his fans.