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That's Mighty White. . . Er. . . Blackface Of Them

Remember when the various commentators and political analysts refer to the "fundamentalist vote" or "Christian voters", they really mean white Christians since blacks Christians have no use for Republicans or their agenda. Hispanics might be a different story, but lately they've moved away from the radical right fueled by these bigots. From UrbanKnowledge:


Are Whites still putting on blackface? Yes, right in our back yard--Riverdale, CA. White men and women had 'brown faces' depicting slaves during the Civil War at Riverdale Christian Academy's Senior Prom & 2007 Graduation Celebration. The skits and characters were part of the entertainment.

. . .The really sad part about this situation is that characters were performed at a church-sponsored event as the Academy is under Riverdale Assembly of God. Just when we think the we have truly begun the reconciliation process between the Church of God in Christ-COGIC and The Assembly of God (Assembly of God member-churches were originally a part of COGIC until they broke off in 1914 to establish a predominately-White denomination), we see that many still need deliverance from racism and prejudice.

. . .This is not merely a theatrical production emulating fictional characters, but a purposeful demonstration of disregard for the seriousness of the black American slave experience. It trivializes slavery, it celebrates the ungodly and unfounded Biblical justification of this Era (similar reasoning used in stripping land for Native Americans and the encampment of Japanese-Americans during WW II), and further characterizes rural and small town America as unwelcoming to people of color.

More pictures at the blogpost, including my favorite, the one depicting a runaway slave being picked up by a bounty hunter:


Classy folks, they are.