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Birth Pangs

You know what was wrong? Not enough purple fingers:

GAZA CITY (CNN) -- President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority government and declared a state of emergency Thursday after four days of fighting that has left Hamas in control of much of Gaza.

In announcing the decision, Abbas aide Tayeb Abdel Rahim said Abbas' declaration also established a Fatah-led interim government.

The move comes after Hamas announced Thursday that Gaza is now under its Islamic rule, the first step to becoming an Islamic state.

Under the state of emergency, Abbas will have the authority replace the current Hamas Cabinet with his Fatah allies. The temporary Cabinet would have to be approved by the Palestinian Legislative Council after 30 days.

Currently, there is no government control in Gaza, according to Palestinian legislator Saeb Erakat.

"Gaza is now officially out of our control as the Palestinian Authority," said Erakat, who is aligned with the Fatah party.

He blamed a "renegade force" in Gaza for staging a "major coup d'etat."

"This is a coup against the president, against the Palestinian people, and against the Palestinian cause," Erakat told CNN.

He called the situation "very, very grave" and said the violence is "setting us back 50 years at least."

Meanwhile, Hamas continued to put pressure on Fatah fighters in Gaza after seizing key security installations across the Palestinian territory.

A Hamas representative Thursday told CNN that the group's goal is not to take control of the Palestinian territory but to control rogue Fatah forces in Gaza.

The escalating violence has prompted the European Union to suspend humanitarian aid to the region and could result in a dissolution of the Hamas-led Palestinian unity government.