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Gitmo Metastasis

A lot of people seemed excited over the speculation that the Bushies will close down the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp - I mean prison. Any veteran watcher of the Worst Administration Ever would figure out their angle instead of granting kudos. Sadly, here they do not fail to disappoint. It turns out that if they do indeed close down that prison, they will simply expand their extrajudicial archipelago of prisons so that their actions will be more spread out and obscured:

(AP) WASHINGTON The United States is helping build a prison in Afghanistan to take some prisoners now at Guantanamo Bay, but the White House said Friday it is not meant as an alternative to the detainee facility in Cuba.

The Bush administration wants to close Guantanamo Bay and move its terror suspects to prisons elsewhere and senior officials have told The Associated Press a consensus is building among the president's top advisers on how to do it.

However, a scheduled high-level Friday meeting on the matter was canceled after AP reported on it and the White House said no decision is imminent -- while repeating President Bush's stated desire to shutter Guantanamo Bay.

"America does not have any intention of being the world's jailer," White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino told reporters. She noted that the United States has announced plans to release about 80 of some 375 detainees, and hopes to transfer several dozen Afghans back to Afghanistan in the near future.