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A Very Slow News Day

My first and only post on Paris Hilton's incarceration and release from jail will be written in regards to the fact that CNN filled their newstime covering details surrounding her exclusive post-imprisonment interview with. . .CNN:

Talk about milking the story: Just a few minutes ago at 5:45 pm, CNN covered Paris Hilton arriving at CNN studios for her interview with Larry King. Tracking her from her car into the building — with two cameras, so no angle was missed — CNN ran a full segment catching viewers up with what Hilton had been doing since getting out of jail yesterday (holing up at home; giving an exclusive interview to People for $300,000 undisclosed terms, if any — a magazine which also happens to be owned by Time Warner, just like CNN. Oops, they didn't mention that.) Looking like he wished he could be anywhere else, Wolf Blitzer cut his interview with Bill Cosby about inner city poverty to throw over to Carol Costello who was "watching another story" — the story being the live shot of Paris Hilton getting out of her car, aka the Most Important Story of the Day for which all other stories are totally cut off.

I'm going to go throw up now.

(via ThinkProgress)