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"Undecided Voters Are The Biggest Idiots On The Planet"

Okay, I lied. The previous post wasn't the last post on the primary. But looking at the election results on Kevin Drum's blog, I just can't pass this up. The title line from Family Guy just says it all about New Hampshire voters. As you all must have known by now, having this information inculcated into your heads for the past week, New Hampshire is justified in being the state with the first primary because it has a huge percentage of independent voters, and apparently that makes them more qualified to pick our candidates for the rest of us. Well looking at the exit polls, the plurality of those who wanted to leave Eye-Rack "as soon as possible" voted for Hillary Clinton of all people in the Democratic primary. And a slim majority those who want to keep troops in that sandbox voted for Obama.

Excuse my French, but what kind of backward-ass thinking is that? Not that it really matters, but those who disapprove of the war in Eye-Rack in the Republican primary favored McCain over Romney. I know the policy difference between those two in terms of Eye-Rack is whether we stay for a hundred years or a hundred and ten years, but why would people pick the person who was the godfather of the entire surge anyways?



I feel that elected officials need to do more things like this for the people.