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Because "Warcraft" Can Only Be Played By Rich Folks

Can you believe this shit?

Instead of blocking high-bandwidth Internet traffic, why not just charge a little more for it?

Time Warner Cable has confirmed that it will begin testing a tiered pricing structure for subscribers to its RoadRunner cable broadband service in Beaumont, Texas, later this year. Under the new billing model, subscribers' monthly fees would be based on how much bandwidth they use.

Alex Dudley, a spokesman for Time Warner, said that the move comes in response to the increasing use of bandwidth-intensive software applications, particularly peer-to-peer networks. Dudley said that occasional, unpredictable spikes in Internet traffic due to heavy downloads can impede overall network performance.

"At some point we have to put in place some mechanism that will allow us to serve all our customers equally," Dudley said in an interview with InternetNews.com.

"One of the things to consider is the impact that peer-to-peer software is having on the network."

So just because their broadband networks are eons behind the networks provided by services in other countries for practically nothing, they are now charging people more to download more than five gigs a month? Well, if other broadband providers are smart, they would use this opportunity to attract customers away from AO-Hell-TimeWarner. But seeing as how the cable companies are pretty much cartels, they'll all just use this as a welcomed opportunity to make themselves more money.


when they created the record they also created the bootleg record. When they created the audio tape they also created the copy you make. When the vhs tape came out...Movie companies thought they were going out of business. The same for the CV and DVD...well, now you got different frequencies, pretty soon we will have to flip them so we can access the cyberspace...free internet baby!

"you can jail a revolutionary but can't jail the revolution"

-Fred Hampton

I complete agree with the above comment. they need to update their lines rather than limit he amount of internet people can use. I am now living on a remote island and even I have fiber optics.

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