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April 26, 2005

1570 Bodies And $300 Billion Later. . .

Well, it's official, there are no weaponsofmassdestructions in Eye-Rack.

Period. End of sentence.

It's funny, even though I was opposed to the war before it even started, for the "duh, isn't it obvious?" reasons such as Saddam's army was a third of what it was during the first Gulf War, that it was going to cost a trillion dollars and half a million soldiers to do it right, and because I wasn't convinced that Saddam was such a great threat then but not during the previous decade.

But I always thought Saddam had at least something he squirreled away or just forgot about. I mean, the CIA and the entire drumbeat at the time couldn't be THAT wrong, could it?

In any case, 9/11 changed everything and war rationales are now malleable Weaponsofmassdestructions are the thing of the past and now we are in the business of spreading Freedom™ to the little Eye-Rackees. What? Do you really wanna see Saddam back in power? Do you? DO YOU? HUUUUUUHHH???!!!

Well, at least I can take comfort that over half of Americans are objectively pro-Saddam which if I judge the media's critique of Bush's election win gives them a "clear mandate".

Update (May 3): CNN/USAToday/Gallup Poll now says percentage of Pro-Saddam Americans is now up to fifty seven percent, enjoying mandate over 41 percent of non-appeasers.

April 21, 2005

Not Your Usual Brainfart From Bernard

This article from our very own Darren Bernard is surprisingly engaging in it's discussion about the decline of spirituality in today's youth. Maybe it's just me, but the fact that religion today seems to be used as a political instrument of bigotry might have a role in turning off a lot of the "Generation Y" crowd.