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December 23, 2007

This Man Has A Column In The LA Times

Anyone can make another tired review that fastidiously points out all the flaws in yet another wingnut hackjob published by Regnery or some other outfit, but for Jonah Goldberg and his new book Liberal Fascism all you have to do is highlight a single sentence in his book:

"The white man is the Jew of liberal fascism."

Daily Kossack "calypigian" details the pains and sufferings of the downtrodden white man that has led Goldberg to make such a much-needed conclusion.

Shiite Government Vows To Disband The Sunni Militias

Bet the surge protectors didn't see this coming:

Iraq's Shiite-led government declared Saturday that after restive areas are calmed it will disband Sunni groups battling Islamic extremists because it does not want them to become a separate military force.

In Iraqi Kurdistan, Turkish warplanes bombed Kurdish rebel targets, the military said, in the third confirmed cross-border offensive by Turkish forces in less than a week.

The statement from Defense Minister Abdul-Qadir al-Obaidi was the government's most explicit declaration yet of its intent to eventually dismantle the groups backed and funded by the United States as a vital tool for reducing violence.

The militias, more than 70,000 strong and often made up of former insurgents, are known as Awakening Councils, or Concerned Local Citizens.

"We completely, absolutely reject the Awakening becoming a third military organization," al-Obaidi said at a news conference.

He added that the groups would also not be allowed to have any infrastructure, such as a headquarters building, that would give them long-term legitimacy.

"We absolutely reject that," al-Obaidi said.

December 22, 2007

Golden Parachutes, Golden Showers

All in all, the fortunes of Circuit City couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of scumbags. They thought they could Wal-mart their way into profits, except they forgot to take into account that being a retail chain that deals exclusively in high-end items of which customers need extensive information in order to make their investments, they will need knowedgeable and experienced salespeople in order to sell their products. What tears me is the fact that the executives (those that stayed, anyways) that came up with the idea of porking their most loyal and dedicated employees and replacing them with noobs are still getting million-dollar bonuses. One would think the money could have been better spent elsewhere, like retaining the original employees in the first place.

(via Dean Baker)

Cost For Eye-Rack, Afghanistan Surpass Vietnam

Had enough?

Congress' approval Wednesday of $70 billion more for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan mean the twin conflicts are now more costly to American taxpayers than the war in Vietnam.

According to a study by the Washington-based Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, Congress has now approved nearly $700 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Using inflation-adjusted dollars, the total cost of those wars has now surpassed the total cost of the Vietnam war (which ran to $670 billion)," the group's Travis Sharp told OneWorld. "It's also more than seven times larger than the Persian Gulf War ($94 billion) and more than twice the cost of the Korean war ($295 billion)."

As a result of Wednesday's vote, Sharp said, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will become the second costliest conflict in American history, trailing only World War II.

December 18, 2007

Things That Make Me Vomit

Bush has to run interference on a previous disinformation campaign in order to catapult the new one:

Q But I’m concerned about the nations like Iraq, who now have nuclear weapons –


Q Iran and Iraq both.

THE PRESIDENT: Not Iraq. (Laughter.)

*cue Beavis chuckle* Of course, the new NIE says that he's still full of shit, still I love how the media still makes light of the situation.