The World Is Flat
If The Same Thing Happened To Malia Obama . . .
Goldman Sachs To Pay Effective Tax Rate of One Percent
Early Christmas Present
George W. WorstthanNixon
Dow 36.00
Truth Derangement Syndrome
Irony: Still Dead
Jesus Christ Was A Militarist
Pay or Die
Mr. 4000
Does Anybody Take Responsibility Anymore?
$1 Trillion And Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dead Bodies Later. . .
Nir Rosen On The Surge
Operation: Blame The Other Guy
Yet Another FAUX Nooze Push Poll: Bin Laden As A Registered Voter Edition
Weapons of Mass Destruction Related Program Activities
Because "Warcraft" Can Only Be Played By Rich Folks
"Medical Credit Score" To Determine Your Health Care
"Spade Work"
"Undecided Voters Are The Biggest Idiots On The Planet"
Hopefully My First And Last Post On The Primary
Veto Proof Senate
$100 Oil
This Man Has A Column In The LA Times
Shiite Government Vows To Disband The Sunni Militias
Golden Parachutes, Golden Showers
Cost For Eye-Rack, Afghanistan Surpass Vietnam
Things That Make Me Vomit
America The Bluetiful
WWIII Watch, Part III: Limited Incursion Edition
WWIII Watch, Part II
Hurrah, We've Defeated Five Percent Of The Insurgency
Shut. The. Fuck. Up.
Embiggening The Dialogue On SCHIP
U.S. Army Soldiers Surrendered To Blackwater Mercs
Why Are Negroes So Good At Basketball? Because They Steal, Shoot And Run
Ann Coulter: Repeal The 19th Amendment
Senate Passes Lieberman-Kyl "Help America Go To War With Eye-Ran" Act of 2007
U.S. To Build Base Close To Iran Border
Good News, Free Krugman
With Their Lives On The Line
A Chart That Should End The Debate
Facts On The Ground
"The Insurgent Tax"
Rats, Sinking Ships, Etc.
Bush Opens His Piehole
Just So Many Things Wrong With This. . .
Just Like A Farmer's Market In Peoria
Surge, Countersurge
What Our Soldiers Are Dying For
Eye-Rack's First No-Frills Airline Bans Eye-Rackees
"July The Lowest Month This Year For U.S. Casualties"
Good Thing Flori-DUH Doesn't Allow Gays To Adopt Kids
George Bush Don't Black/Women/Disabled/Religious/Etc People
The Anbar Miracle
Lucky Duckies
Washington Post Advocates Attacking Nuclear-Armed Pakistan
Chasing Ghosts
$40 Million Here, $40 Million There. . .
"That Motherfucker Tried To Take Out My Dad"
Nope, Still Wrong
Army Broken STRAWNG!!!
When The Waronterra Fails
Michelle Bachmann Proves Eye-Rack No Longer Safe For Self-Serving Congressional Junkets
Gallup: Supermajority Of Americans Favor Policy Of Retreat And Defeat
Another Man On Death Row Freed After Belated DNA Tests
Michael Moore: 1, CNN: 0
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part XVIII
Lies, Damn Lies And War Statistics
When Fashionable Ethnic Groups Go Bad, Part Deux
Do Democrats Cause Cancer?
With The GOP, We Were Always At War With (Insert Country Here)
Impeachment NOW!
The Rainmaker
The War Reporting Of The MSM: Still Stenographers
Farfur, R.I.P
Commander Guy Commands 27 Percent Approval Rating
Every Other Country In The World Thinks The U.S. Is Too Supportive Of Israel
New FAUX Nooze Push Poll
U.S. Deliberately Killed Children And Civilians
High Class Nuttery
A Very Slow News Day
Ann Coulter Makes A New Video
Take Two Rolaids And Call Us In Six Months
When You're In School, You Have No Rights
White House Don't Want Their Lies Exposed
America, Still A Nation Of Idiots
Like Deja Vu All Over Again, All Over Again
Gitmo Metastasis
Worst Of The Worst, Cont.
Health Care Is Expensive Because The Money Goes Into Research
Another Story More Important Than Eye-Rack
Kid Exposes O'Reilly's Hypocrisy, Gets Called A "Pinhead"
McClatchy's New Motto
Another Feel-Good Story From Eye-Rack
"Are Ya Gonna Convict Jack Bauer?"
General Petraeus: Surge™ Is Going To Fail
Glenn Greenwald Uses Richard Cohen As A Metaphor For The Entire Meretricious Press
Fox Issues Henhouse Report
Yet Another Disgruntled Retired General
The 50,0000 Solution
The Role Of The Media During The War
Water Wet, Sky Blue, Sunrise East
Taxicab Confessions
Birth Pangs
The Connecticut For Lieberman Party: The Gift That Keeps On Gving
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part XVII
Correlation Does Not Equal Causation
The Last Desperate Act That Betrays A Larger Failure
"We [Don't] Report, You Decide"
That's Mighty White. . . Er. . . Blackface Of Them
Nowhere's Safe
More Success In Anbar
And It Begins
Ron Paul Is A Republican
The Real Eye-Rack Surge
Baghdad's Apartheid Wall Completed
Charges Dismissed Against Former Child Soldier And Driver, Both Still In The Concentration Camp.
Steve Gilliard Gets An NYT Obit
Everybody Swears Cuz Everybody Does It
More Success In Anbar
File This Under "No Shit"
The Surge Is Working!
Looks Like I Didn't Pray Hard Enough
Life Under The Bush Era
Iraqi Women Refugees, Including Girls, Forced Into Sex Trade
You Have GOP To Be Kidding Me
Only 17 Percent Of Americans Are Against The Commingling Of The Races
The Nooner Dumps Bush
Lieberman Goes To Eye-Rack To Give Troops Much Needed Stump Speech
Shorter Bill O'Reilly And John McCain: "Rahowa!"
Naomi Wolf: Burkhas Are Hot!
Elections Matter
Yet Another Eye-Rack War Casualty
Baghdad Bob Maliki
Republicans Still Being Mean To Democrats
Breaking News: Valerie Plame Was Covert
"The Intelligence And Facts Are Being Fixed Around The Policy"
Scratch One Disaster Scenario
Bloggerz R Teh Hot
Happy Memorial Day
Nice Job, Nubian. Thanks For Letting The Racists And Mysogynists Win
ICE, ICE, Baby
In Any Other Country, There Would Be Mobs In The Street Wielding Pitchforks
"Iraq Will Not Accept A Breach Of Its Sovereignty"
Your Tax Dollars At Work
Fifty Body Days
I Dunno About Atrios
Another Century Mark Month
"F@$king Stupidest Guy On The Face Of The Earth" Part II
Anderson Cooper Can Shove It
Fubar Surge
Worst Friedman Ever
Is Joe Klein Right?
An Addendum To Previous Post
We're Fighting Them Over There So They Can Attack Us Over Here
Ghosts of Mossadegh
Voice of Islamism
The Christian Jihad Al Harb
Average Gas Prices Hits New Record
Black Kid + Closely Cropped Haircut = Suspension
Quit Lying About The SATs
I Say This Without Any Hesitation Or Equivocation
The Commander Guy Picks His War Czar
Let Allah Sort Em Out
B-But It's Only 21 Bodies A Day!
"He's No More Racist Than Any White Male"
What Liberal Media?
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part XVII
Here's Hoping
Winning Dirty
Ivy-League Dickhead Makes Economic Case For Unlivable Wages
Eye-Rackees To America: Get Out
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part XVI
Harvard Grad Wins Minnesota Teacher Of The Year
Like Refrigerator Light To Cockroaches
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part XV
George Bush Don't Like Kansas People
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Looks Like Atheism Doesn't Make You More Moral
Any Warm Body
"I'm The Commander Guy"
"You'll Have To Pry The Medal Of Freedom From My Cold Dead Hands"
There Is A God
The Army Calls It Suicide, The Father Says Rape And Murder
Nit-Picklering Bush
Joan Baez Banned From Performing At Walter Reed
"Mission Accomplished" Day
Postscript To Darren Bernard's War On American Tech Workers
When Republicans Debate Immigration
"We Were All Given The Wrong Intelligence"
Scandal Fatigue
Water Wet, Grass Green, Waronterra Makes More Terra. . .
More Time In Eye-Rack Means Less Stress On Troops
Keep Those Goalposts Moving
Imus Gets Canned, Limbaugh Stays
Why We Call Them Wankers
More High Broderism
"Slam Dunk" Was Misinterpreted
Digging For Obama's Race Problem
The Army Lies Again
Riverbend Calls It Quits
Darren Bernard Hates American Workers
The De-evolution Of The Blame-Iraqis-First Campaign
Another Zombie Lie Against Abortion Revealed
The Unraveling Of The Puppet Strings
Why I Hate Georgia IV
Kurds To The Rescue!
The UN Caves Again
The Rise Of The Settlers
Outsourcing Torture In Eye-Rack
John Edwards Gets $400 Haircuts? Oh My!
Catholic Church Abolishes Concept Of Limbo
Tim Wise On Don Imus
"Are We In The West Bank?"
The Return Of The Death Squads
Training Eye-Rackee Army No Longer A Priority
Grand Old Police Blotter Days
Harry Reid: The Iraq War Is Lost
FAUX Nooze Push Poll: Withdrawal From Eye-Rack Is NOT Surrender
Parallel Justice Systems Still Exists
That's One Way To Duck A Midterm
And Here Comes The Thought Police
The Debate Is Over. Bush Has Lost
VT Killer Was Institutionalized, Was Still Able To Get A Gun
We'll Control Our Own Country By The End Of The Year. . .Really, I Swear!. . .Why Are You Laughing? Stoppit!
They Knew
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part XIV
Bush Sat On It
John Derbyshire, Just STFU
From "Rough Girls" To "Fragile Flowers
You're Shocked?
No Shit, Sherlock
Fubar Surge
MC Rove, The Mark Fiore Remix
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part XIII
Only For My Boilerplate Multimillion-Dollar Contract Go I
Silver Lining In Arab Profiling
Still Not Working
Warring Is Hard Work
Quelle Surprise
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part XII
Tony Blair's Imus Moment
Al-Jazeera Banned In Afghanistan
"B-But Al Sharpton. . ."
Supporting The Troops
Democratic Congress More Popular Than Bush
Jigaboos vs. Wannabes
Building A Stratified Society
Training The Mahdi Army
A Secret Plan To End The War
Eye-Rackee Army STRAWNG!!
Every Time Their Lips Move
Another Hazard Of Outsourcing
And There Goes The Surge™
Another Belated Bernard Bashing
Prudenizing, Washington Post Edition
Goodling Resigns
Curioser And Curiouser
One More Exit Until Morton Downey Juniorville
Yet Another Casualty Of Bush's Fuckup
Where Medieval Rules Of Law Now Applies To Americans
Beware The Dhimmicrats
Messing up the Message
Since I Couldn't Be There. . .
How The Other Shoe Dropped
Another Victory In The WaronTerra
FBI Becomes The Police Arm Of The Right-Wing Movement
Where The Marketplace Of Opinion Calls Bullshit On McCain
Suicide Vests Found In The Green Zone; Weathervane McCain Insists Eye-Rack Is Safer
They Are Mad As Hell And They Are Not Gonna Take It Any More
Surging Car Bombs
HillaryCare 2.0
Hopeless. Utterly, Utterly Hopeless.
Goddamn Low-Wage Workers Are Earning Too Much
John McCain: Democrat?
MC Rove
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part XI
If You Don't Fight This War, Zarqawi Will Eat You In Your Sleep (Boogah! Boogah!)
National Review To Abu Gonzalez: Resign.
The Coming Apartheid State
The Privileged
You Can't Be Too Paranoid
Isn't It Too Early For Attack Ads?
Support Yer Troops
Fighting The War On Crutches
Poll Dancing
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part X
Press Secretary Tony Snow Has Cancer.
Go To Hell, Couric
Bush's Man Date
Shut Up. Just Shut Up.
Zbigniew Brzezinski on the Waronterra
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part IX
Buh-Bye Gonzo
Eye-Rack Safer Than Chicago And Detroit?
What Is Superior Than Single-Payer
Can The Military Even Give Me The Correct Time?
All This And Rabbit Stew
Son Nixonian, It's Scary
Sahel In Somalia
It's Hard Being A Millionare
Thank You, David Ehrenstein
It Costs More To Be Stingy
Spitting On The Troops
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part VIII
No More Socializing The Costs
Eye-Rack: The Fourth Year
New Poll: Life Is Hell, Yanqis Drop Dead
Joseph I. Lieberman, R-Connecticut
Oh, They Are Good
"Do As I Say" Diplomacy: Palestinian Edition
Reverse Midas Touch In Somalia
We're Waiting, Howard Kurtz
"I Was Not Involved" - Attorney General Albert Gonzalez: 4/3/2005-3/??/2007
Khalid Sheik Muhammed: Stonecutter
We Have Racist Cops In The MPD?
U.S.A To New Orleans: "Go To Hell!"
Very Odd. . .And Hyperpartisan.
A Tales of Two Surges™
Shiites To Surge™: Times Up.
Moral Laughingstocks
General Peter Pace Thinks Alexander The Great, Attaturk, Etc., Are Immoral
Abu Gonzalez In Hot Water
United States of Israel
"Curveball" Revealed
Salvador Option II
The Army IS Deliberately Holding Down Disability Ratings To Keep Down Costs
How To Ride Public Transportation
Halliburton, the Great American Country
20/20 Finally Does Something Useful
Are Our Borders Secure?
Drawing Blood From Stones: Ordering Our Injured Into Battle Edition
How Politicized Is The Justice Department
How Republicans Support Their Troops
Rove And New Mexico Republicans Conspired To Fire U.S. Attorney
How's That Surge Coming Along: Part VII
Democrats Finally Quit FAUX Nooze Debate
How Convenient
America's Heroes Reject America's Mayor
"The Wire" Already Did This Story
Drawing Blood From Stones
Fixing A Broken Bureaucracy: Less Than $1 million dollars
60,000 Marriages Broken By The Eye-Rack War
Coulter's Comment As The Winning Message.
Surge Not Even Enough
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part VI
I'm. . .Outraged?
DLC Loses It's Tax Exempt Status
Please, No More Expat Bullshit
Iraqnam, Part III
FAUX Nooze On Scooter Libby Verdict
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part V
Libby's Convicted
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part IV
The Right Wing Noise Machine
Rely On God Because You Can't Rely On FEMA
"A Civilized Tribe"
Obstructionism Is Now Good
"Support Yer Troops" Ribbons No Longer In Demand
If A Republican Says "Faggot" In The Woods. . .
Ooooooh, Snap!
Baghdad In The Dark For Six More Years
The Moment We Were Waiting For.
Liberal Media Reaches Past 1865 To Find Skeletons In Obama's Closet
Police Lieutenant Allegedly Called Ellison A Terra-ist
60 Percent Of Americans Are Commie Socialists
Running Our National Guard Into The Ground
"I F**cked Up, I Trusted Me"
Nutpicking In Extremis
I Think I've Seen This Movie Before
Good God, I'm Agreeing With Him
"Stop Snitching" Campaign Doing It's Job
Firing of U.S. Attorneys Were Politically Motivated
Dealing With The Walter Reed Problem
What The Standardized Testing Mania Has Wrought.
Whaddaya Know? Obama IS Black Enough
Thanx A Lot, Club Rappers!
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part III
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part II
Cheney Not A Casualty In The Waronterra
Running The Army Into The Ground
Next On FAUX Nooze, More Annapalooza
Condi Beating The Dead Godwin Horse
How's That Surge Coming Along? Part I
Sharpton's Family Owned By Thurmond's Family; Thurmond's Relatives Deny It
Another Painted School
The Dagger Is Already Whetted
The Broken Army
Soldier Found Guilty Of Rape-Murder of Iraqi Girl, Anna Nicole Is Still Dead
"We Must Fight Them Over There. . ."
Ellison, Not You Too. . .
Walter Reed Story Already Told Two Years Ago
Guess Who's Back
Putting The Cart Before The Horse
Where Atrios Outscoops The Media
It's Time We Ban Sexual Moralists From Our Schools
Gee, That Wasn't Too Hard, Was It?
Kids These Days
And It Begins
Welcome To The Police State
But Gays Still Can't Enlist?
West Point Dean To 24 Creator Joel Surnow: "Stop It."
FAUX News: Completely Without Merit
"F*@king Stupidest Guy On The Face Of The Earth"
Happy Jonah Goldberg Day
NEWSFLASH! Debating The War Doesn't Endanger The Troops Says General
We Do Need To Talk About The War
Worst Than Civil War
Fuggit. Give Them The War.
Bush At 32 (Gallup)
No, He Doesn't Give A F**K Any More
Petraeus *hearts* Mercs
Meanwhile, In That Other War. . .
Eeewwwgh. . .
Eye-Rack And Afghanistan To Cost More Than Nam
Surge In Drug Users
Surge Upon The Surge
The One Where He Believes In Global Warming But Still Blames Enviromentalists
Not Just Halloween Anymore
Rove And Bartlett To Be Subpoenaed
"Angry American" Now Angry About The Eye-Rack War
Don't Trust The Military To Report The Facts
Why I Hate Georgia III
Media Whore Of The Year, 2004-2005
Generalissimo Petraeus
Glenn Kessler And The Washington Post Calls Bullshit On Bush
Obama's Balancing Act
Surge Protection
George Bush Still Don't Like Black People
Why I Hate Georgia II
It's Over. We've Failed. Let's Move On.
Torture Doesn't Work And We Do Not Live In 24's World - That Is All
The Lizardbrain
Worse Than Vietnam
George W. Nixon
Bush At 33 Percent Sez Washington Post
"Once They Stand Up. . ." Part VIII
Enjoy Your Surge, Bush.
Why I Hate Georgia
Black Hawk Down, Part. . . uh, I Stopped Keeping Count.
Stephen Colbert Did Not Go Far Enough
Off Brand Somalis
The Hack Is Back
What If There's A Cure For Cancer, But It Was Too Unprofitable To Invest In?
B-But They Were Wrong About Stuff Too!
Abu Gonzalez Blinks
Did We Paint That School?
JAMming With The Eye-Rack Army
It's All Falling Into Place
Wiener Savage Lights A Cross For MLK.
Monday Night Massacres
"A Raw Deal"
Eye-Racknam: Strategic Hamlet Edition
Don't Believe The Hype
The Killing Machine
Prodigal Children
Joe Lieberman Don't Like Black People
B-But Jon Carry Says Troops R Stoopid
Good Thing We Killed Saddam
New York Times Throws In The Towel
Democrats Pull A Boehner
"We Must Go Up Before We Come Down"
David Petraeus, Bush Stooge
Apartheid Not Peace
"You Don't Get A School! You Don't Get A School! You Don't Get. . ."
"My Name Is Joe Klein, And I'm A Dumbass"
"Try Doing That With A Little More Attitude. . ."
McCain Was For 20,000 More Troops Before He Was Against It.
I'd Move To Eye-Rack If It Weren't For All The Violence
Bush and Abramoff, BFFs
Saddam Hussein Declared Not Guilty For Slaughtering Kurds
Where They Are Getting The Troops
What The. . .!
Buyer's Remorse
Negroponte's Move WAS A Demotion
Death And Coverup In Haditha
Not Gonna Work
He Reserves The Right To Snoop Into OUR Houses
You Have GOP To Be Kidding Me
It's Called An E-S-C-A-L-A-T-I-O-N You Morons!
Drunken Sailors at the U.
Bush At 30 percent
Like A Bad Penny
Washington Post Begins Series Of Hit Pieces Against New Democratic Majority
Worst Of The Worst
Thomas Ricks Knew There Were No WMDs, He Just Waited Eight Friedmans To Say It.
Clusterfuck Defined
Haven't We Humans Suffered Enough?
Bush Can't Even Kill A Murderous Dictator Right
The Puppet Wants His Strings Cut
Three Cents To The Twenty
We've Been Ruled By A Pillhead Junkie Nutcase
Thomas Jefferson: Terra-ist Sympathizer
Now We Want YOU!
Eye-Rackees: Give Us Saddam Back
The Democratic Learning Curve.
Mr. 3,000
Meet The New Boss
Murder as Photo-Op
Those Poor Kurds
And They Wonder Why Hamas Is In Power
They Can't Do Anything
Are You Happy Now?
Merry Fucking Christmas
Waiting For The Nuhremburg Trial
"Flip-Flap, Flop-Flip"
Army STRAWNG! (Part III)
Fire The Generals. Fire Them Now.
Siding With The Winners
At Least They Have Their Trust Funds
"Birth Pangs" Expecting Twins
"They Do The Jobs Americans Won't"
Asking Too Much Of Our Country
Fear Of A Muslim Planet
The Mobius Strip Of Fatuousness
The Hidden Hand Of The Frei Market
Two Nations
Head Soldier In Eye-Rack Throws In The Towel
Rich Lowery Turns On Eye-Rack
Bush: "We're Not Winning"
Eye-Rack: We. Have. Failed.
The Return of The Teflon Republican
"B-But What About All The Schools?"
Eye-Rackee "Justice" In Action
Go Big
Let's Iraq's Future Dictator Be OUR Dictator
The World Bank = The CPA.
The Army Is Broken
Jimmy Carter: Has He Got Some 'Spaining To Do?
I Can't Stand It
A New Way Together Forward
They Just Get Younger, Don't They?
From Domino Democracies To Domino Disorders
Arming The Civil War
Civil War? Phhhsht, Naaaah!
One Friedman Left In Afghanistan
This Nation Is Being Led By A Child
The Rise of The Cassandras
Ethnic Cleansing Inc.
The Time NBC Was Actually Right
Painting The Schools With Blood
Immaculate Conceptions
John McCain The Straight Shooter
The Pony Show
"It's Her Fault! She Fought Back When I Tried To Rape Her!"
A Five-Day Work Week? The Horror!
Fire The Generals
The $125 Million Kangaroo Court
My Solution To The Eye-Rack War
Morons Leading The Insane
Rumsfailed: Too Little, Too Late, Too Much For Bush.
The Christian Wing Of Hezbollah
The New York Times Gets Shrill
Bush Picks A Side
It's Pronounced "Nuke-you-ler"
The Marketplace of News
Even When Republicans Lose, They Still Win
More Lizardbrain Activity
Friedman's Reinvasion Revisted
From White Man's Burden To White Man's Blame
None Dare Call It Civil War
Go Ahead, Slug Him A Good One
They're Coming To Take Him Away (Ho-Ho!)
"A New Phase"
Four Friedmans Of Chaos
Get Em From Eye-Rack, Moron
Eye-Rackee Boat People
"WWIII" Now Longer Than WWII
LA Times Finally Calls A Spade A Spade
Al-Sadr Broadcasting Company
Fundyclown Mahdi Freaks
Baghdad Bush
A Shiite Curfew
Models For Failure.
Those Underpriviledged Whites
Still Trying To Influence The Elections
Eye-Rack War As Therapy.
What A Difference A Bush Makes
Support Yer Troops
Worst Congress Ever: The Postscript,
No More Excuses. Never Again.
Oil For Blood
Another Heckuva Job.
Don't Pull Our Troops! It'll Only Get Worse!
A Conservative Daily Show.
Speaking Of Eye-Rack. . .
Can We Do ANYTHING Right?
Leaving By Ship Or By Casket
Another Victory Against Oceania
Magical Pony Plans
Kissinger Calls It Quits
The Death Of Satire
Bush at 32 Percent
National Strategy for Victory In Iraq: The 2006 Edition
FAUX's War On Terra-ism
Forsyth County Values
"Will You Stop Wanting To Destroy Our Economy?"
Bipartisanship: 11/08/2006-11/13/2006
A Hundred Billion Here, A Hundred Billion There. . .
What Lizard Brains Sound Like
The Blame The Iraqis First Crowd
Better Dead Than Red
The Conservative Base Breaks Out Their White Hoods
Darren Bernard To Sign Up At The Campus Recruiting Office At Washington and Oak.
And He's Outta Here
Neocon Pitty Party
"I May Be A Dope Fiend, But I Aint No Queen"
The Other Shoe Drops
Requiem For A Fundyclown
Two New York Times Bombshells
Jesus Christ On A Trailer Hitch II: Eye-Rackie Boogaloo
Major General Nouri Al-Maliki
Al-Sadr's New Baghdad Police Force.
Fareed Zakaria Searches Desperately For Ponies
So This Is Where My Offering Goes Every Week
So This Is How Fascism Looks Like (Oprah Edition)
Dixie Chix Nixed
The Century Mark
Worst. Congress. Ever.
Iraqi PM Blames Coalition For Continued Violence
Cheney: Waterboarding Is Not Torture
The Freedom Agenda
No Longer Fighting Them "Over There"
Scratch That Exit Strategery
Still A Quagmire
Bush's New Strategery On Eye-Rack
More Iraqis Voting For Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Eye-Rack To Impement Memory Hole
Wow, Couldn't Have Seen This Coming
Still The Worst President Ever.
Jonah Goldberg: The Iraq War Was A Mistake
"But They Aren't Reporting The Good News!"
The Civil War
Iraq Media Freedom: Still Better Than China
64 Percent Of Americans Objectively Pro-Saddam
Me And What Army?
Stabbed In The Back
Less Reporters In Bed With Military
Dennis Ross Digs For Ponies
For We Warned Them, So We Are Excused
Only One Half More Friedman For Bernard
British Army Chief Calls It Quits
Turning Another Corner
Operation Together Backwards
"The Only Free Country In The Mid-East"
Rwanda on the Tigris
The Last Horse Crosses The Finish Line
Arsonists Promising To Be Better Firemen
It Keeps Getting Worse
Jesus Christ On A Trailer Hitch
Eye-Rack & Roll
The FAUX Guarding The Henhouse
Party Like It's 2006. . .2007. . .2008. . .?
We Who Are Also Wrong
Rush Limpballs Wants To Cut And Run
Time Magazine Blog of the Year, 2004 (Defending The Indefensible Edition)
Operation Wack-A-Mole
Habeus Corpus, American Moral Hegemony, RIP (1776-2006)
U.S. To Pay Contractor To Come Up With Phony Surveys
"Once They Stand Up. . ." Part VII
Overstaying Our Welcome
"Once They Stand Up. . ." Part VI (GTFO Edition)
Poll: Bush Blamed More For Bin Laden's Freedom
Only 10,000 Troops Left
Welcome To Jihadistan
No Blood For Oil Shortages
Iraqnam, Part II
Bill O'Reilly, Defender Of White Christian Privilege
The Coming New Rounds of "Utter Disasters"
Either Git Married Or Git Moving
I Like My Wimmen In The Kitchen, Barefoot And Pre-Pregnant
Corporate Fascism Approved
Ask, And Ye Shall Be Used
Once His Playground, Now His Plaything
"We Know Who You're Calling"
Remission Accomplished
Achtung, Juan!
"Once They Stand Up. . ." Part V
I'm So Indicted
The New Affirmative Action
Bush Culture Of Compassion Update: Mission Accomplished
Fallujah II
Milbank To Colbert Fans: "Get A LIfe!"
Clarity From The First Lady
It's The Economy, Stupids!
"Truthiness" Isn't Funny
"Once They Stand Up. . ." (Part Four)
Hell Freezes Over Again
Bush's "Culture of Compassion" In Action
Iraq Army Commanders Supply Insurgents With Weapons
Law & Order Under The Bushelvikis
Worst President Ever At 33%: Fox-Jazeera News Poll
Finally! The Answer To All Of Eye-Rack's Problems!
Bush Lied, People Died. Period. End Of Sentence.
How Does Rumsfailed Keep His Job
Civil War Accomplished
Remission Accomplished
Those Unhealthy Deadbeats
Another "Liberated" Beauty Queen Fears For Her Life
Winnebagoes Of Mass Destruction Revisited
Demons Playing Hockey In Hell
Zarqawi is Goldstein
Israel "Doesn't Want, Doesn't Support, Doesn't Accept" Purple Fingers
No Mas For HAMAS
Slaying The Election-Year Wedge Issue Beast
The Return of Jafaari
A Crook And A Liar To The End
Race Pimpin'
President Officially Crowned As Dictator
Mission Accomplished
We've Finally Achieved Energy Independence
"A Little Warning"
Is Mosul Next?
Vete a la verga
The "I Didn't Do It" President
Bush "Doesn't Want, Doesn't Support, Doesn't Accept" Purple Fingers
Finally, A Breath Of Fresh Air
Damn. . .Those Democrats Are More Powerful Than I Thought
Why Have A Congress?
"Why Can't The Liberal Bush-Hatin' Media Report The Good News In Eye-Rack"?
"You Can't Distinguish Between Al-Qaeda And Saddam Ahmadinejad"
Worst President Ever
How Unpopular Is Darth Cheney?
He's Got My Vote
John Yoo Was Against Dictatorial Powers Before He Was For It
Feeling Depressed? Let's Ship You Back To Iraq!
Wow, I Sure Feel Safe
"A Few Bad Apples"
Yosemite Sam Yells "Boogah! Boogah!"
The New Afghanistan: Now WITHOUT Stadium Beheadings
Support Our Troops With Propoganda
Get Used To Decisions Like These
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